Lean Principles

Data Integration, Process Streamlining, Identifying and Eliminating Waste,
and Standardization

Many businesses around the world have benefited by the experience of Toyota, and the company’s publication of the Toyota Production System. Out of that experiment, we are gifted with the knowledge to run virtually any organization better, by applying those special 14 management principles.

Whether your business is services, manufacturing, retail, banking, insurance, health care, or something entirely different, there’s a good chance your business could profit from Toyota’s experience.

If your business has determined to follow the TPS management principles, and you are looking for ways to use technology in your business smarter, then you are on the right track!

YOU CAN use technology to reduce waste, simplify processes, standardize systems, and keep the focused on customer satisfaction.

Engage Business Solutions, LLC has the knowledge, the expertise, the vendor contacts, and the willingness to help your small business achieve greater success using TPS principles. Whether you have two employees or 200, we can help you understand and apply lean principles to your technology strategies that fit the way you work.

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