Engage Business Solutions LLC is different from Managed Services Providers (MSP).

I’ve heard many accounts from business owners, executives, and managers who are dissatisfied with their MSP for one reason or another. Maybe you can identify with this.

The consistent theme I hear is the MSP does not seem to be adding value to the business and the relationship is considered a necessary expense. More specifically, they point out that the MSP is often too costly, the response to support needs is too slow, the support/ticketing process is cumbersome, and they don’t know what they’re paying for each month. On top of that, they don’t feel any more tech savvy than before signing the contract.

After the business has settled into a service contract and the honeymoon period wanes, the business begins to understand what is — and is not — included with that multi-year contract. It can be an eye opening experience.

Still, businesses tend to stick with MSPs for three main reasons:

  • They feel locked into the contract.
  • They feel dependent on the services, and don’t want to ‘rock the boat’.
  • They lack technical understanding internally and don’t know who else to turn to.

We understand this condition pretty well. I’ve worked with several MSPs in NE Indiana and nationally. I can say with insight and experience, your concerns are rooted deep in the tech services industry.

Furthermore, the problems are fueled by the service vendors whom the MSPs partner with to deliver scaled bulk services. This approach is supposed to enable remote technicians to communicate on support tickets and back to clients efficiently. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Additionally, MSPs service vendors normally work through the cloud. The scaled solutions tend to prioritize MSP and technician convenience above security for their clients. The result is lower security for the business, who might understand to what degree their information is shared to the MSP, but may not realize that same information is also stored in another vendor’s cloud server … somewhere. It’s also very difficult to say exactly who has access to that information at any given time.

>> That should be a bright orange flag to anyone interested in maintaining cybersecurity.

We understand all that. That’s why we aim to give small businesses an alternative to the standard “trust me” relationship that many have with their MSP.

Here’s how Engage Business Solutions LLC is different from an MSP:

  • We don’t manage your systems, but will be happy to show you how
  • No recurring monthly fees or monthly service invoices
  • No long term contracts that “lock you in” or auto-renew
  • We aim to reduce your costs, increase security, improve performance, and add value
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • No trip fees for non-emergency visits within Northeast Indiana
  • Educate our clients with suitable options to make better informed decisions
  • Offer products and services tailored to your business – not what scales well for us
  • Prioritize your security over our convenience
  • Work as your unbiased technology advocate, with or without an MSP
  • Provide solutions from your business perspective (“Tech That Fits!”)
  • We considers your business Big Picture and long-term goals
  • Promote Best In Class solutions from vendors known for quality and service
  • Offer a mutual non-disclosure agreement that protects us all
  • Promote business independence from non value-added services
  • We will give you the whole story, good and bad news included
  • Can work with your existing MSP to streamline services to your needs

Straight forward consultations, tailored solutions, and direct support. That’s what you want and what we do best.

Call today for a FREE initial consultation. We’ll listen to your pain points and help you overcome your biggest technical hurdles.