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We are dedicated to providing expert and strategic technical advice to any size business for your unique technology needs and the way you work. We want to give you peace of mind by helping you establish security solutions designed to keep your business safe from today’s major security threats. Let us show you innovative solutions for some of your biggest technology challenges. From start to finish, you can trust Engage will help you use technology to your business advantage.

  • Cyber Security and Network Performance
  • Windows PCs, Servers & Licensing
  • Storage Solutions and Backups
  • Software and Applications
  • Video Conferencing and Digital Displays
  • NIST, HIPAA and PCI Compliance
  • Systems and Software Updates
  • Risk Management
  • Antivirus and Endpoint Protection
  • Desktop and Mobile CAD Workstations
  • High Quality Office Printing
  • VOIP Phone Solutions

Engage Business Solutions, LLC has the knowledge and the expertise to help your small business through challenging times. Whether you have two employees or 200, we can show you how to maximize hardware and software technology to fit the way you work.

Contact us for a free consultation with cyber security essentials audit and penetration testing to help identify ways for your business to strengthen internal controls and increase your business performance.

Give us a call at (260) 383-4084 or email us now and schedule your FREE initial consultation today. It’s Tech That Fits.