Cyber Security

System Security, Data Loss Prevention, and Business Continuity

Many businesses (small and very large) are making news headlines, and the news is not always good.

Servers are hacked, systems under distributed denial-of-service attacks grind to a halt, and ransomware cripples businesses. There is plenty of good evidence that more businesses should be concerned about cyber security and protecting their data. Good security practices protect the Intellectual Property (IP) of the business, as well and the privacy and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) of its customers and employees.

Let’s take a look at three primary strategies to cyber security used in business today. As you read each one, consider how your business identifies with them.

1) Head in the sand. The company has no plan, no preparations, and no expectation of recovery in case of even a moderate outage. In fact, the business would rather not consider such a scenario. Since they have not observed a problem, there must not be a problem. Any efforts to prepare are bound to be expensive and just looking for trouble. In actuality, a moderate attack or breach could be catastrophic to the company.

2) Reactive. Probably the most common strategy. The company down the street was hacked, so lets make sure we don’t make the same mistakes that enabled the attack. Sure, we probably have many other vulnerabilities that should be addressed, but none of those resulted in the neighbor’s downfall. We can learn from their mistakes, and at least not make the headlines for the same reason. While some risk has been averted, many more likely remain. It’s a little like applying a bandage for a cold virus. Random protection strategies like this have minimal value to the company because they lack a comprehensive approach to the whole problem.

3) Proactive. Following a set of best practices designed to keep the vast majority of security threats, vulnerabilities, and open doors to a bare minimum. The company starts with a data risk assessment to locate and determine the value of their data. Then it moves to protect those data assets with proven practices and eliminate as many risks as possible. Remaining risks are mitigated with solid backup & recovery plans. This holistic approach ensures business continuity and quick recovery in the most challenging situations.

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